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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 456

All chapters are in Demons Beside You Novel

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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 456

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

Right then, everyone went to the cave entrance. The rain in the forest came down heavier. With night falling as well, they couldn’t see into the distance at all.

 The expedition team all grew a bit nervous. Chen Zhao’s group only treated what had been said like it was a story. But the expedition team members knew that there truly was something mysterious and dangerous here.

 Everyone held their guns and stared cautiously into the darkness.

 Woof, woof!

 “Master, there’s a really big cat.”

 “Big cat?” Chen Zhao was taken aback. Was it a cougar? He stared hard into the darkness and indeed saw a pair of green eyes.

 “Whatever. It’s raining so hard. Don’t go fooling around.” Chen Zhao patted Black Ma and White Ma.

 Just then, the expeditor with night vision glasses said, “Professor, it’s a big cat.”

 Everyone let out relieved breaths. But right then, something noisy sounded in the forest. Then they heard the cougar cry out twice before falling silent.

 The expeditors all tensed up. “That thing has appeared! It’s here!”

 Chen Zhao had quite good vision. He vaguely saw that something huge had indeed pounced onto the cougar. The thing was about the size of Black Ma and White Ma. It was probably white and had smooth skin.

 However, he couldn’t see the details either. The thing was extremely fast. It pulled the cougar into the grass in the blink of an eye. The cougar was already dead before it could even fight back.

 “Johnny, Dell,” Chen Zhao said, frowning. “Pick up your guns.”

 “Chen, did you see something?”

 “I can’t say.” Chen Zhao wasn’t certain. After all, it was too dark and the rain obstructed his vision. He only saw limited things too.

 Professor Carlo looked at his team members. “Everyone, put on night vision glasses.”

 “Professor, that thing’s body temperature is lowered to the same temperature as the surroundings due to the rain. Even the night vision glasses can’t discover it.”

 Night vision glasses were basically heat detectors. If they were room temperature or close to the surroundings’ temperature, it would barely have any effect.

 “Is there really a strange creature?” Risfar and Dell felt a bit afraid.

 “Do you still think we were joking with you earlier? Or said something funny?” Carlo asked seriously, looking at the three.

 “Professor, we can’t stay here,” Fannity said. “That thing seems to have a heat sensor organ. If we stay here, it’s even more dangerous. If we go into the rain and lower our body temperature, we might be able to escape from it.”

 “Take all our things and leave this place,” Carlo decided immediately. He glanced at Chen Zhao’s group. “What about you guys? If you stay here alone, it’ll be even more dangerous.”

 “Hey, these monsters probably really like your meat, haha…”

 “Enough, Tyler,” Fannity said. “It’s not the time to joke around.”

 “Alright, kid. Follow me. I’ll protect you.” Tyler slapped his biceps.

 “Chen, what should we do?”

 “Follow them,” Chen Zhao said. “I saw that thing earlier. It indeed doesn’t look like a regular beast.”

 Following the group was the smartest choice now. They didn’t know anything about the situation, while the team was fully equipped. Following them was indeed safer.

 Plus, judging from the current situation, the team was willing to protect them too. So Chen Zhao had no reason to reject them.

 However, he also lowered his voice and said, “Stay close to me later. Don’t leave my side, no matter what happens.” Then he glanced at the other man. “Hey, you’re Tyler, right? Lend me your knife.”

 Tyler looked at Chen Zhao. He pulled out his knife and tossed it over. “Don’t be too scared to use it later.”

 The group started moving under the rainy night. Just then, Fannity made a gesture.

 “Stop, there’s one up front.”

 “No! It discovered us!”

 Fannity fired her gun.


 Everyone saw a white shadow flash across the darkness. It was lean and agile and jumped onto a branch. Then it disappeared into the darkness.

 Fannity walked over. There was a puddle of blood and some skin fragments.

 “It’s hurt.”

 Suddenly, a black shadow dropped down into the crowd without any warning. This thing was around three meters long, slender and thin with long limbs and sharp claws. It was like a human but had a thin and sharp tail. There was only a mouth on its head, nothing else.

 There wasn’t a single piece of hair on the body. Its skin was white like paper. The people could even use the faint light to see veins under the skin.

 Before they could react from the sudden attack, the creature’s tail already stabbed through the chin of an expedition team member. The thorn went straight through his skull.

 “Euahh!” the man let out a pained cry.



 The creature made a very strange and piercing sound.


 Every gun pointed at the creature and instantly turned it into a beehive. Risfar and Dell finally realized that they’d really run into a monster.

 Professor Carlo walked over to check the creature’s body.

 “This creature is probably photophobic. It lives underground or in places with no light, so it has evolved to have no eyes or ears. There are two holes where the nose should be, used for breathing. It should have heat sensory functions too.”

 “It’s female,” Dell said.

 Everyone made a face. Alright, it was female.


 Just then, another sound came from the distance. The voice was thicker than before.

 “Oh no, a big one is here…”

 Another creature appeared. Compared to the dead one, this seemed much stronger. Its limbs were as thick as a bodybuilder’s. It also had a layer of white shell over its body. It seemed to be bone material.

 This was probably male. Its physique was clearly different from the female.


 The expedition team fired, but the bullets didn’t seem to hurt the male creature at all. The creature just took a few steps back. Some of the bullets even created sparks when they landed on the bone shell.

 The creature disappeared in the darkness. Everyone felt a chill run up their spines.

 This creature wasn’t afraid of bullets!

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Chapter 456