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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 454

All chapters are in Demons Beside You Novel

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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 454

“There’s a wild hen!”

“Black Ma, White Ma, don’t move around on your own.” Chen Zhao restrained the Silly Twins. Twice earlier, they’d gone after prey on their own, making the humans unable to shoot. The Silly Twins failed to catch the prey too.

They were fast, but most of the prey were small and agile. Once scared, they would disappear instantly.

Black Ma and White Ma were too impulsive. Even though they were demons, their natural wildness was just like a wolf. However, they didn’t have a wolf’s hunting techniques. They mostly chased after prey just to have fun.

Risfar raised his gun and aimed at the wild hen eating in the grass.


The gun went off. The hen’s head exploded instantly.

“Amazing skills!” Chen Zhao exclaimed. He turned toward Risfar, but his gun wasn’t smoking.

Chen Zhao was confused. It wasn’t Risfar who fired? Then was it Dell?

Dell’s expression was confused too.

Just then, a woman, all covered up in clothes, walked out. “Sorry, that’s mine.”

A dozen people showed themselves behind the huntress. They seemed to be a team. There were both young and old people, men and women. The variety of people looked more like a tourist group instead of a hunting team.

Right then, a senior walked out of the group. He looked to be around 60 years old, but he wore camo clothing.

“Hi,” the man said. “Are you hunters?”

“No, we’re just enthusiasts, so we came here to hunt,” Risfar answered.

“People are hunting in this season?”

“Aren’t you all as well?” Chen Zhao asked.

“Haha… That’s true. Let’s introduce ourselves. I am Carlo. We’re a college field study group.”

“Oh, what do you study?” Chen Zhao studied the people behind Carlo.

Who are you trying to fool? You guys say you’re a college field study group? Do you think we’re blind?

Some of them had guarded eyes, as if cautious of Chen Zhao’s trio. Why would a college field study group be like that?

You think I’m a fake college professor?

Other than Carlo, the old leader, the other dozen people were all tall and strong. They were fully equipped too. The honestly didn’t look like some study group.

Even the huntress from earlier was 1.8 meters. Her eyes were sharp and kept studying Chen Zhao, Risfar and Dell.

They didn’t hold regular hunting rifles. They looked like the standard military weapons.

“We’re a ruins expedition team,” Carlo said.

Did ruins expedition teams all have such amazing equipment nowadays? Chen Zhao didn’t believe it.

Anyway, Chen Zhao didn’t believe it. You call yourself an expedition team? You look more like mercenaries.

“Oh, then we won’t disturb you anymore. Bye.”

“Ha…” Carlo laughed. “You think we’re criminals, huh?”

“Uh… Don’t joke around like that.”

“Okay, we’re not criminals,” Carlo said, laughing heartily. “Of course, we’re not a research team from the government or some college. We’re a private expedition team.”

“So, that means you won’t suddenly start shooting at us?”

Chen Zhao was confident in dealing with the six hunters from before because they weren’t strong at all. Plus, they only had one unloaded rifle.

But the dozen people before him now were not only fully equipped, but they also had vigilant eyes. Anyone who met their gaze would feel like retreating. So, Chen Zhao wasn’t willing to get into a conflict with them. No matter what their background was, Chen Zhao didn’t want to have anything to do with them, especially in these deep woods.

The people behind Carlo all laughed as if laughing at Chen Zhao’s ignorance.

“Our guns aren’t used against regular folks like you,” the tall woman from earlier said.

“Okay, I apologize for my mistake. Now, we’re going hunting. Bye.”

“You guys better not stay here for too long,” Carlo called. “Go hunt elsewhere.”

But the three left without turning around.

“Professor,” Fannity said. “Why waste so much time talking to them? They don’t trust us at all.”

“We should’ve acted meaner to scare them away,” a black guy with no hair said.

“Okay, don’t bother with them anymore.” Carlo waved his hand. “We’ve already made a warning. If they keep hanging out around here, we’re not responsible if anything happens.”

“Risfar, could you tell who they were?”

“I couldn’t tell. They don’t look like mercenaries or poachers.”

“Bullsh*t. There aren’t any valuable wild animals here. How could there be poachers?” Dell rolled his eyes.

“But they don’t look like good guys either.”

“M4A1 Carbines, plus the M9 Beretta and military knives, and they’re all wearing bulletproof vests,” Risfar said. “How are they here for research? It’s like they’re here for war.”

“If they have any illegal motives, why didn’t they attack us? Logically, they wouldn’t want to be exposed. They would definitely want to try and capture us, or even kill us all.”

“Whatever,” Risfar said. “No matter what they do, they probably don’t mean harm to us. Let’s not stay here anymore. We can go to another mountain so we don’t run into them again.”

Chen Zhao and Dell had the same idea. Who knew if that group would still interact with them peacefully if they met again?

The three fumbled around in the forest. Dell and Risfar had high social status, but they hadn’t grown up coddled. They performed well in the wilderness and were very independent.

Even Dell, who’d messed around for a decade, had good shooting skills. He got a rabbit and a wild boar. Risfar only got a wild hen. As for Chen Zhao, he was empty-handed.

“Haha…Chen, sucks to suck.”

“Seems like hunting is Chen’s weak spot. We have to go hunting more often.”


Chen Zhao missed again. The mountain goat in the distance disappeared in a flash. By the time Chen Zhao raised his gun again, the goat was nowhere to be seen.


Chen Zhao threw his gun onto the ground in anger. “Motherf*cker, this gun isn’t accurate. Risfar, you gave me a bad gun. It’s definitely the gun’s problem.”

“Haha… Want to trade with me?”

“There’s a problem with the bullets too.”

“Then trade the bullets too.”

“Johnny, I think Chen will say there’s something wrong with the gunpowder too.”

Just then, it started drizzling.

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Chapter 454