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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 453

All chapters are in Demons Beside You Novel

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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 453

After a while, Black-Ma returned with his first prey.


Chen Zhao kicked Black-Ma in his anger. “Can you stop embarrassing yourself?”

With your size, you just came back with a mouse?

Aren’t you embarrassed?

“Master, when we were hungry in Hell, we would always catch mice to eat.”

Hearing Black-Ma’s reply, Chen Zhao could not sympathize with him at all.

They were poor only because they were unbelievably useless.

Even if they had come back with a rabbit, Chen Zhao would not be mad.

Dejected, Black-Ma and White-Ma went to search for prey again. However, just then, the group heard a gunshot in the distance.

Next, Black-Ma and White-Ma bolted back. Chen Zhao, Dell and Risfar’s expressions changed.

They had clearly not fired the shot, which meant that there was another group of people here apart from them.

“Master, someone shot us just now! Let us go and kill them.”

“Are you injured? Were you hit?” Chen Zhao quickly checked the Silly Twins.

Chen Zhao was glad that they were indeed unharmed.

Just then, a few people walked out from the tall grass in front.

It seemed like they were here to hunt as well. There were six of them. “Are those two wolves yours?”

Chen Zhao frowned. “Can’t you see the dog tags around their necks?”

“We’re deep in a mountain forest. Who cares about dog tags? You wolves are lucky to have survived.” The few people sounded as if they had done the correct thing, with no intention to apologize at all.

Chen Zhao tried his best to control his anger. It was obviously unwise to have a conflict here.

Especially when both parties had guns. A conflict here could quickly become dangerous.

Even if Chen Zhao was not scared, Dell and Risfar were not invincible.

Chen Zhao could not guarantee that the two would not be hurt in a conflict.

Since they had come here together, Chen Zhao would like them to return together, instead of someone being carried out.

“If someone shoots you again, bite the person to death. I’ll be responsible for it,” Chen Zhao said directly to the Silly Twins.

“Kid, what did you say!” one of the hunters shouted.

The hunters were not kind people. They actually all aimed their guns at Chen Zhao’s party.

Dell and Risfar also lifted their guns. Chen Zhao stepped forward and stood before the two. “Put down your guns!”

“Kid, you must apologize for your words!”

“What if I say no?” Chen Zhao squinted.

“Ha… Then be prepared to lose a limb.” One of the hunters licked his dagger.

To be honest, in a movie, such an action would make the character look ferocious.

But in reality, it looked really foolish.

Chen Zhao exercised his neck. “Then you better be prepared too.”

“Ha, prepare for what? You going to attack us? We have six guns.”

Suddenly, Chen Zhao, Black-Ma and White-Ma charged forward like three bolts of lightning.

The six hunters were only three meters away from Chen Zhao. To Chen Zhao, it was as if they were standing right before him.

Before the person closest to Chen Zhao could react, Chen Zhao had already crushed his chin with an uppercut.

The others were about to aim their guns at Chen Zhao when the Silly Twins had made a circle and darted into the team from behind.



Two of the hunters had their arms badly mutilated. The Silly Twins did not kill anyone. After taking a bite, they jumped into the grass again.

With this opening, Chen Zhao grabbed the shoulders of two hunters and smacked them into each other.

And so there was only one uninjured hunter left. With great fear, he pointed his gun at Chen Zhao but did not dare to fire.

He could feel Black-Ma and White-Ma right behind him.

“Can you carry them down the mountain by yourself?” Chen Zhao looked at the hunter from above.

The hunter immediately dropped his gun and raised his hands. “Buddy, you were too impulsive. We were just joking with you.”

“Joking? I don’t think people who point their guns at me are joking.” Chen Zhao looked coldly at the last hunter. “Scram. Don’t appear before me again, or I’ll feed you to the wolves.”

Chen Zhao took all their guns. He did not know if they would take a risk to wash their humiliation.

The six held each other and left. Only then did Dell and Risfar walk forward.

They clearly did not expect Chen Zhao to attack the six directly.

“Chen, you should have told us in advance.”

“How? There were six muzzles before us. You want me to tell you that I was going to attack them?”

Risfar and Dell were speechless. Nevertheless, the battle had renewed their impression of the Silly Twins.

Since they knew the Silly Twins, the two had been behaving like idiots.

They were always so active and safe.

Especially before children. No matter how a child hit or teased them, they would remain so loyal.

However, Dell and Risfar finally realized that Black-Ma and White-Ma were not Huskies which only knew how to play.

They were actual wolves!

Risfar and Dell found their sudden aggression and intelligence just now incredible.

They actually knew how to cooperate with Chen Zhao and use tactics.

It was also the precise reason why they were particularly reliable and safe.

Dell and Risfar would not be scared of the Silly Twins because of the incident, because they were only protecting their master loyally.

In fact, they were even somewhat jealous.

Having such pets at home would be a great protection to them and their families.

“Chen, how exactly did you train Black-Ma and White-Ma? Why are they just so smart?”

“No, not just them, but also Princess… Chen, are you really not a beast tamer?” Dell said.

Risfar nodded in complete agreement. They were indeed too clever.

They were so clever that nobody could reject them. No pets could be compared to them.

“Actually, Laffer is smart too.”

“No, no. Laffer is smart as a dog, but your pets have intelligence that has surpassed what a pet should have.” After all, Risfar was also a dog-lover, or he would not have spent a million to purchase Laffer.

Precisely because he knew a lot about dogs, he could understand how intelligent Chen Zhao’s pets truly were.

No animal trainer could produce such a pet in his life.



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Chapter 453