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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 452

All chapters are in Demons Beside You Novel

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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 452

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

The next moment, Risfar realized that the tree’s leaves were right under Dell. After falling four or five meters, Dell was caught by the branches and leaves.

 “Huh?” Dell looked around. He was sitting on the soft leaves. “I’m that lucky?”

 “Dell, are you alright?” Risfar asked.

 “I’m okay. It’s really comfortable. This is so interesting.”

 “You scared me.”

 “Ah!” Suddenly, Vera yelped in shock too.

 When Risfar saw Vera slip, he was so scared that his heart almost stopped. But the next moment, Vera actually landed on a branch and leaf, unharmed.

 This was too coincidental.

 Did the tree actually have a spirit?

 Risfar climbed another ten meters and looked down. He discovered that there was also a leaf and branch cushion below him.

 That was strange. There wasn’t anything under him when he climbed up, right?

 “Okay, come down now,” Chen Zhao finally called to them.

 “Chen, is this a magical tree?”

 “Why else would I plant it here?”

 “Where did you get this tree from?” Risfar asked. “I want one too.”

 “There’s only one in this world. Don’t even think about it.”

 “Why do I feel like Chen’s home always has good things?” Dell asked through clenched teeth. “I’m so jealous. Faith asks me every day when I’ll take her here.”

 Risfar didn’t speak, because Vera and Ronnie were the same.

 The three went to the front yard. They changed into swimwear and started swimming in the lake.

 The three little girls were the same. They played in the lake. The three adults didn’t have to look after them, because they weren’t worried that they would be in danger.

 After all, Black Ma and White Ma were by their side. Amon was sunbathing in the distance too. There weren’t any dangerous creatures in the water, so the three girls were very safe.

 “Chen, can that magical tree really bless people?”

 “How come we’re back to this topic again?” Chen Zhao rolled his eyes. “If you believe it, then yes. If not, then no.”

 Dell and Risfar found it more and more magical as they thought back. Plus, Chen Zhao had sworn confidently that they wouldn’t be in danger. It made them think that it may really be a magical tree.

 “Yay!” Faith cried from the distance. She was standing on Amon’s back. “I won, I won…”

 Vera and Ronnie climbed onto Amon’s back too. “That doesn’t count. You started first. Let’s do it again.”

 “Faith is so strong.”

 “Is it okay to describe a one-year-old as ‘strong’?”

 “But Faith really is healthy.”

 “Vera and Ronnie are really healthy too.” Dell was a bit proud. Faith was his daughter, after all. After a pause, he said, “If they’re not, you can have Chen give them a checkup.”

 “F*ck off. Vera and Ronnie don’t need any checks.”

 “You shouldn’t say that,” Dell said as if he was very experienced. “Some conditions can’t be seen from the outside. You think Faith is healthy, right? But I have Chen check once per month.”

 “Chen, is that true?”

 “Yeah,” Chen Zhao said. “Checkups aren’t only for finding diseases. It’s also for preventing them. Kids’ immune systems aren’t as strong as adults. It’s always possible for them to be harmed from outside things, so they have to be checked periodically.”

 “Then, can you check them after lunch?”


 After getting onto land, the three girls were still playing in the water. They didn’t come back until they smelled the barbecue and surrounded the adults, asking for food.

 “Chen, how come you’re not drinking?”

 “Since I have to give them a checkup, I won’t drink. The alcohol will affect my judgment.”

 Dell and Risfar didn’t pressure him anymore. They respected Chen Zhao’s professionalism. His medical abilities went without speaking. After all, they both benefited from it before.

 After they ate and drank, Faith, Vera, and Ronnie were pretty much done too. Chen Zhao gave the kids a checkup. They were all healthy.

 The three kids cooperated with him too. After all, if they didn’t get a checkup, they wouldn’t be allowed to play with the pets. They had to cooperate so they could play.

 “Chen, remember we agreed to go hunting before you went to Sacramento?”

 “Sure. I’m pretty free these days. How about you two?”

 “Then tomorrow,” Dell said. “You guys okay?”

 “Sure, tomorrow,” Risfar said too.

 The three men agreed to not bring their family or even bodyguards. They would bring only their guns to the mountain.

 That night, Chen Zhao told Fali about it.

 Fali obviously wouldn’t stop him. They all had their own social circle. She had her own too. Since Chen Zhao was going hunting instead of messing around, she would support him.

 However, Fali also said that they would go hunting together next time.

 At night, Chen Zhao called Risfar.

 “Johnny, what should I bring tomorrow?”

 “Bring Black Ma and White Ma,” Risfar said. “Nothing else. If you bring Princess, all our food will be gone. Plus, her smell can scare the prey.”

 “We don’t need tents or anything?”

 “I’ll take care of all that.”

 They planned on going deep into the mountain, so they would stay the night there. Tents and things were necessary.

 Risfar was like an expert in this. Whatever Chen Zhao could think of, he could definitely think of too. In fact, he would be more thorough.

 Next day

 Chen Zhao led White Ma and Black Ma and met up with Risfar’s family empty-handed. The three put the things they’d prepared into the trunk and went straight for the mountain.

 “I’ll carry that.” Chen Zhao picked up the biggest bag.

 The biggest one was around 30 kilograms. This weight was practically nothing to Chen Zhao.

 Risfar and Dell both carried bags that weighed around ten kilograms. Since they were going hunting, they had to take up their own responsibility. Chen Zhao could carry everything by himself, but that would make things boring.

 Hunting wasn’t for killing animals. Rather, it was to enjoy the process.

 As for Black Ma and White Ma, they were going crazy with joy. They didn’t have many chances to let loose in a forest. They could barely stop jumping up and down.

 “Chen, are you sure White Ma and Black Ma can help us hunt?” Risfar kind of regretted bringing these two.

 “Stop embarrassing me,” Chen Zhao said with a dark expression. “Find me some prey.”


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Chapter 452