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Abe the Wizard Novel Chapter 374

All chapters are in Abe the Wizard Novel

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Abe the Wizard Novel Chapter 374

After Abel calmed his mounts down, he turned to Bartoli and said “I will now set up the Protection Circle of Dark Valley. You can watch and learn from the side. When I go in the future, I will leave the magic circle control card to you!”

“Yes master, I will learn it!” Bartoli quickly nodded. She knew this was the first time she would come into contact with a Holy Continent’s magic circle, and her owner would be teaching her personally.

Abel then took out the 36 magic cards and began to explain the laws and formulas to set up a Holy Continent’s magic circle. By himself, Abel only needed a few minutes to set it up, but since he was teaching Bertoli, it had taken them a whole hour.

At last Abel shared the right to control the Protection Circle of Dark Valley with Bartoli, so she could open and close it.

Within the Protection Circle, Abel unleashed all his summons and took out the 2 ‘Power Potion’ he got today. He needed divide them, so his summons could level up faster.

The first bottle was from the dark gold archer.

It’s abilities included:

Special curse: increase damage. Lower enemy resistance to physical impact by 100, which makes the enemy lose resistance to physical impact.

Aura enchantment: Strength aura, increase the strength of your teams. This strength depended on the level of the aura.

Since he had killed the dark gold archer quickly, it didn’t even get the chance to use all its abilities, so Abel only knew about these 2. Still, these 2 abilities were extremely powerful.

Abel decided to give this Potion to the spirit guardian knight captain. The spirit guardian knights were already Abel’s most powerful summons. They had the speed of a spirit wolf AND powerful gears to support their strength.

Both of these abilities could do wonders for the spirit guardian knights. As Abel was still thinking, he handed the bottle of Power Potion to the spirit guardian knight captain. He could clearly feel how happy and thankful it was.

The spirit guardian knight captain had become more and more human-like lately. Unfortunately, Abel’s current rank as a wizard could not push the ‘skeleton resurrection’ spell beyond level 10. He could only do that after he became an official wizard. Until then his spirit guardian knight captain could not truly become the leader of a powerful little team.

The spirit guardian knight captain poured the Power Potion in its mouth and carefully handed the empty crystal glass back to Abel.

This small action showed how intelligent it had become. It could even tell that a crystal glass was a luxurious resource.

The golden liquid traveled down the spirit guardian knight captain’s throat. Slowly, it spread through its body and the spirit wolf it was connected to. Now, they could only wait and let fate decide.

After half an hour, the gold on the spirit guardian knight captain slowly began to fade. It didn’t even need Abel’s command before he started waving his ice magic sword around. It then used the most gentle force to strike upon another spirit guardian knight.

As soon as their swords made contact, a red dark cloud emerged from the other spirit guardian knight. Red raindrops made out of cursed energy began to rain down, and a red sparkle of fire started burning on top of the spirit guardian knight.

‘Damage enchantment!” Abel’s eyes began to sparkle. Originally he had regretted not learning this spell from a Deity so his spirit guardian knights could not unleash their full potential. However, now it seemed like it was no longer necessary. Now his spirit guardian knight captain could unleash it any time, and it didn’t even need to consume his mana.

Although ‘Damage enchantment’ could not directly increase the impact of a strike, it could take away all the resistance to physical impact from your enemy. This was even more effective since the spirit guardian knights’ attacks were an abomination of death qi and physical impact. Maybe it wasn’t too surprising; this spell was developed specifically for skeleton after all.

Abel looked at the spirit guardian knight captain in satisfaction. It was only an enchantment, but it had basically doubled it’s actual strength. The increase would also do wonders for the entire team, so it really helped a lot for Abel as an impersonated commander.

Abel’s combat qi string was basically a type of physical attack, so its power would multiply if his enemies didn’t have any resistance to physical impact.

Abel took out the second bottle of ‘Power Potion’, taken from the dark gold Devilkin.

He was sure this Devilkin had 3 abilities:

Mana Burn: remove your opponent’s mana in the equivalent of its minimum or maximum damage times 4 and deal it as additional damage. +100 attack rate. +75 mana resistance.

Skin enchantment: +80 physical impact, and +200 defence.

Mana resistance enchantment: +40 fire resistance, +40 ice resistance, +40 lighting resistance.

Abel started to get greedy and thought to himself, If he could have all 3 of these abilities, he would become an immensely powerful defender. Then, no spells or physical attacks could do anything to him. Sadly, the Power Potion could only give him one of these abilities.

Actually every single one of Abel’s summons could use this kind of Power Potion, but he wanted to make the already powerful even more powerful. Of course, it would be best if he could use it on himself, but he wasn’t willing to take the risk. The Horadric Cube stated these kinds of potions could only be given to summons, and Abel trusted his Horadric Cube with all his life.

That’s right, Johnson, Abel thought to himself. As long as it had any one of these abilities, it’s power would increase dramatically.

He wanted to give Johnson this Potion not because he wanted it to fight with him in the Dark World. Rather, he wanted to be safe in the Holy Continued, so he needed some fighting power to stay when something unexpected happened.

With Bartoli’s fire attacks and Johnson’s powerful defence, they were strong enough to withstand the attacks from a normal elite Wizard.

Up to this point, Abel was certain of his decisions. He then turned to Bartoli and said “Call Johnson here!”

While Bartoli had gone off to call Johnson, Abel noticed Black Wind and Flying Flame acting in a very agreeable manner. They did not nudge him for the ‘Power Potion’. They were not stupid, they knew these gold colour potions were not normal. They were very rare and powerful, and both Black Wind and Flying Flame knew that Abel would give it to them if it was suitable.

Soon, Johnson entered the protection Circle. Thankfully, this was an intermediate circle, if not, it might not be able to hold Johnson’s enormous body.

“Johnson, drink this!” Abel said as he placed the bottle on Johnson’s giant hand.

Johnson stared awkwardly at the little bottle. How could he open it without breaking it? At that moment, Bartoli stepped up and opened it for it.

Although at first, the golden liquid looked like nothing as it traveled down its throat, soon, it’s entire body was wrapped in gold.

After it waited patiently for half an hour, the gold on its body faded. Since Johnson was already smarter than the spirit guardian, it just opened up to its owner through the soul chain about what had happened to its body. This was trust in its purest form; it allowed Abel to see every single secret of a spiritual beast.

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Chapter 374