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Martial Peak

Demon Spirit Seed Manual

King of Apocalypse

Never Too Late


The Runaway Family

Secret Class

The Epic Revenge


Holy Chef, Crazy Empress

A Killer Woman

The World of Canglan

Martial Master

Should I Study at Noryangjin?

Forever Gossip


Summer Solstice Point

Solo Bug Player

Is It Okay To Get Wet

Blackmailed by Bossy CEO

God of Blackfield

I Have A Dragon In My Body

Soul Land

Shenwu Tianzun

MookHyang – Dark Lady

Forensic princess

The Ghostly Doctor

Queen Bee

The Body Game

Versatile Mage

Cheating Men Must Die

First Class Servant

Gosu (The Master)

Rebirth of the 8-Circled Mage

Return of Immortal Emperor

Young Boss

Overgeared (2020)